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Euhrnet philosophy and the operational advantages gained by choosing it

"Networking" ...... A lot of people talk about it, but very few actually do it.

Every customer has different and specific needs. A Partner with a single management and organizational model can only standardize procedures for the Client, against the flexibility.

Euhrnet is a contract signed between companies that draw their strength from their own diversity, in order to offer to the final client a number of benefits. The main are the following: 

  • Sharing know how, best practices, experience and professional services of experts in the field of personnel administration outsourcing services; 
  • Autonomy in conducting a project at the customers site, ranging from project coordination, to data migration, from the start up till the management and maintenance during construction; 
  • Proximity to the client;
  • Group agreement, shared definition of SLA and certified standard services
A true business network