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How Euhrnet works: transparency, reduction of supply chain and focus on results

In recent years, the increasing complexity of an administration project and the centralization and aggregation of HR technology vendors market has caused the proliferation of formulas and agreements too lacking in transparency about the market positioning and the "customer relationship" with the final client, often making him a victim of subcontracting, letters of temporary engagement, occasional collaborations, system-level interventions without planning, contract terms that are not relevant to the subject matter of the contract.

This is being reflected in proliferation of costs, waste of energy, low skills and lack of focus on the result. Euhrnet promises the customer a transparent, effective, timely and measurable planning approach

The client who wants to share the values of this network project, negotiates contract scope, economics and SLA with a single negotiating partner, Euhrnet precisely, who vouches for the customer to identify the "networker" most suitable to provide services according to the client expectations.

The contract is signed between the final client and the "networker" and in case of failure or deterioration of the relationship, Euhrnet guarantees the "networker" replacement in order to safeguard the investments made so far: the goal is the maximum satisfaction of the client and the optimization of the resources invested