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Labour Consultant

Born in Turin in 07/26/1973. Certified Labour Consultant registered to Professional Association of Labour Consultants of Turin since 02/21/2005 n. 1517. Laura is a member of the Marino Rosanna & C’s historic Studio Marino (estabilished in 1968) since 1997.
Today, with his staff, she treats and certifies for Studiomarino Srl, all aspects relating content and form of Labour consultancy. As a teacher, she has periodic vocational training courses aimed at newly hired workers, in the field of payroll and personnel administration. During her years of professional practice, she has dealt with training on "Risk Analysis in the employment contracts" for employees in the credit/financial field. She also trained personnel in various offices of the Executive, in the area of payroll legislation, placement and contracts. She deals with labor relations in major sectors such as the engineering industry, the service sector and construction in her everyday work. Besides the work she loves rock music, travelling, the sea, her son and her husband.